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In a strategic move to fortify their roster, the Horseheads Hitmen proudly announce the signing of three exceptionally talented Willamette University, Oregon players. The trio, consisting of Roman Mahler, Nick Arnett, and Jason Smith, brings a promising blend of skills, dedication, and a proven track record.

1. Roman Mahler Nordhoff – Left-Handed Pitcher

   - Hailing from Oak View, California, Roman Mahler emerges as an outstanding left-handed pitcher, showcasing his prowess by setting the new Nordhoff career strike-out record at his high school. Mahler's skills have been honed on the high school stage, setting the stage for an exciting journey with the Hitmen.

2. Nick Arnett – Infielder/Right-Handed Pitcher

   - A product of Placerville, California, Arnett's versatility stands out as an infielder and right-handed pitcher. His impressive .286 batting average in 12 games at Willamette University, coupled with a national ranking of 462 by Perfect Game at third base, exemplifies his potential to significantly impact the field.

3. Jason Smith – Catcher

   - Hailing from Carmichael, California, Jason Smith, nationally ranked 455 by Perfect Game, brings his catching prowess to the Hitmen's roster. With a strong high school background, Smith's skills behind the plate position him as a valuable asset for the team.

The Horseheads Hitmen eagerly anticipate the impactful contributions of Mahler, Arnett, and Smith, recognizing the potential of these Willamette University standouts to elevate the team's performance.

As the Horseheads Hitmen prepare for the upcoming season, they express enthusiasm for Mahler, Arnett, and Smith's promise to the team. The organization looks forward to witnessing the continued growth of these players and the support of their dedicated fan base.

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