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The Horseheads Hitmen, poised for a shot at the New York Collegiate Baseball League (NYCBL) championship, proudly announce the addition of three standout players to their roster.

Chris Torres, a versatile third baseman and right-handed pitcher from Rhode Island Community College, Scott Renk, a dynamic first baseman and right-handed pitcher from Suny Cobleskill, and Konner Hauck, a skilled outfielder/catcher out of Hilbert, join the Hitmen with a clear mission – to elevate the team's performance and challenge for the NYCBL title.

Chris Torres, known for his mastery at third base and on the mound, brings a strategic edge to the Horseheads Hitmen. His experience at Rhode Island Community College positions him as a key player in the pursuit of a championship run.

Scott Renk, a force both at first base and on the pitcher's mound, contributed significantly to Suny Cobleskill's consistent NAC Championship appearances. Renk's addition underscores the Hitmen's commitment to assembling a roster capable of contending at the highest level.

Konner Hauck, an outfielder/catcher with All-Star credentials, represents a vital piece in the Horseheads Hitmen's championship puzzle. His standout performance in the AAABA All-Star Game exemplifies the caliber of talent needed for a serious NYCBL title challenge.

The Horseheads Hitmen organization, cognizant of the competitive landscape, declares its intent to vie for the NYCBL championship. The strategic signings of Torres, Renk, and Hauck reflect a concerted effort to assemble a roster capable of not just competing but triumphing in the pursuit of baseball excellence.

As the upcoming season unfolds, the Horseheads Hitmen invite fans and enthusiasts to witness the journey toward a potential NYCBL championship. For the latest updates and exciting developments, stay connected with the Horseheads Hitmen on Facebook and Twitter.

About Horseheads Hitmen:

The Horseheads Hitmen, driven by a determination to ascend to the pinnacle of the NYCBL, are a summer collegiate baseball team based in Horseheads, New York. Committed to excellence, the team strives to achieve success on the field, captivating fans with thrilling performances and a relentless pursuit of championship glory.

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